• FireX Secure Phone

About FireX

The FireX Secure Phone is designed for users who want maximum control and assurance over the security and privacy of the mobile phone they are using.

Commercial-off-the-shelf Android phones allow an organisation and its users to implement their own security mechanism at the userspace (i.e. mobile apps) layer and in some cases, leverage on security functions at the Android OS system layer. Below the userspace and system layers are numerous other layers; including the kernel, boot partition(s) and bootloader partition(s). Any security weakness at these lower layers could compromise the security of the entire phone.

With the FireX Secure Phone, we have vetted and hardened each layer of the Android platform. This reduces the chance of backdoor access – malicious codes or hidden debug modes – being left on the phone. In addition, we can also prevent the installation of rogue updates which could be silently pushed to the phone over-the-air.

Deployment Options

With our expertise, we are able to support the customisation and enhancement of the FireX platform to meet an organisation’s unique needs. These include:

  • Provide an integrated mobile device management platform (extension of our CamSecure MDM)
  • Design and incorporate customised security controls (e.g. disable audio, telephony controls, stealth services etc)
  • Implement alternatives for Google notification and location (map) services
  • Insert the organisation’s cryptographic material (e.g. certificates, keys) into FireX platform (can serve as the basis for the organisation’s chain of trust)

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